European Folk Day – September the 23rd

Music repository


We are collecting artists’ favourite songs and tunes from their repertoire in a public repository accesible to the general public and to the media.

How to submit your music?

Send us your song or tune in mp3 to Tell us your name, where the piece is from and a statement that you have the rights and you allow us to share it on the website
IMPORTANT NOTE: The submitter of the pieces present here confirm that they have the rights to the tune they submit and any performers rights are cleared for such ‘making available’ through existing agreed contracts, agreements, or consent which covers the usage required.

Baklava: Kej

Lena Jonsson Trio: Happy Two Step


Northern Ireland: 



The European Folk Day started in 2023 by a pilot project co-ordinated by European Folk Network (EFN) with financial support from the MusicAIRE project jointly organised by the European Music Council and Inova with funds from the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.