European Folk Day – September the 23rd


Your participation in the European Folk Day can take any form you want, as long as it is related to the theme.

Register your event using the form on this page.  Below you can find some examples & ideas.

Become an EFD partner by organising your own independent event, or use the European Folk Day to promote an event you have already programmed for September 23rd:

  • Plan your September 23 event
  • Register your planned program or activity by filling in and submitting the form below
  • Visit the Resources page on this website to visually link your promotional materials to the European Folk Day
  • Follow European Folk Network on Facebook, and Instagram, and subscribe to our mailing list to stay up-to-date on the latest news
  • Engage with us on social media by sharing the excitement about your event and using the official European Folk Day hashtag #EuropeanFolkDay

The possibilities are endless, but here are just a few examples of ways to participate: 

  • Something simple to produce, such as recording and publishing a video performing a song that you have never shown to the public before
  • Exchanging songs with an artist from another country and recording each other’s songs
  • Connect the concept to an in-person event, from a single performance to a festival
  • If you are a journalist, you can feature a song or an artist in your media, or dedicate the whole day to the topic
  • Petition your local city government to issue a proclamation recognizing September 23 as European Folk Day
  • Dedicate your September 23 program of activities to European Folk Day  
  • Organize an expert panel, concert program series, a micro-festival, a bal folk, or a festnoz for your community
  • Curate a radio/television broadcast showcasing music & dance by local artists
  • Create and/or promote folk music playlists on social media
  • Get together with your family to listen to Europe’s folk and traditional music
  • Post a video or photo tribute of a folk song or dance you like on social media
  • Host a house concert for your friends
  • Make a arts-and-crafts project with your students
  • Run jam sessions or open mics at your local restaurant
  • Present instrument and dance workshops featuring local artists
  • Join EFN – The European Folk Network and/or support us with a donation

Need any tips? Ask us: the European Folk Network has 150 members in 27 countries who can support you.

On September 23rd, a wide range of initiatives will take place simultaneously all across Europe.

To join in alone, with your friends, family, or colleagues. Find the event that interests you, talk about it on social media (using #europeanfolkday), and enjoy it.

Be sure to have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page before reaching out to our team contact page.

Whatever you do, tag us on social media @europeanfolknetwork and use #EuropeanFolkDay.

Most importantly – publish your participation in advance!

To include your event in the official European Folk Day 2024, fill in the form below to register it in the database. It will appear on the site map and in the searchable database.

The European Folk Day started in 2023 by a pilot project co-ordinated by European Folk Network (EFN) with financial support from the MusicAIRE project jointly organised by the European Music Council and Inova with funds from the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.