European Folk Day – September the 23rd

European Folk Day: 23rd September 2023

The piece “Αkou Ourane mou / Helal” is the first submission from Greece we have in our music repository for the European Folk Day. They are the Greek singer Panagiotis Sdoukos (Παναγιώτης Σδούκος) and his colleague from Turkey, the singer Fide Köksal.

🎧 Listen to it and to the other 22 pieces we already have in:

➡️ Why the music repository? In our objective of disseminating the folk musics done in Europe nowadays we want to provide to the mass media who want to talk about the European Folk day (and also to the public) a good bunch of diverse recordings to reflect to some extent the vast artistic legacy we have.

➡️ What can you do if you are a musician? Select a recording that you love specially and of which you have the rights, send it to stating that you have the rights of the recording and you allow us to publish it on the website of the European Folk Day. You can also put us in touch with a journalist or influencer who would be interested in supporting us to tell the world about the European Folk Day!

➡️ What can you do if you are not a musician? For now, listen to the pieces in and share it with everybody!

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